Cloth in Bristol last week

And another great show in Bristol at the Tobacco Factory Theatres last week – here is a review and a 4 star rating!

Many thanks to all those who made the two performances possible, and who came to watch the shows.

Until next time!

16387891_1657208080962379_885977598756760176_n.jpgPhoto: Andy Catlin


A successful Cloth in Edinburgh

Saturday saw the second staging of ‘Cloth’ on an Edinburgh stage – this time at the Traverse Theatre as part of Manipulate festival’s Snapshots.

Thank you to everyone who made it – it was a pleasure to perform to a full audience!

Here are a few beautiful shots by Manipulate photographer Andy Catlin, and, a mention in the Guardian! 

Cloth will be performed in Bristol this Thursday 2nd of February, at the Tobacco Factory. A link to the event: 




Cloth Countdown – 9 days!

There are only 9 days to go until the performance of Cloth in Edinburgh on the 28th of January 2017, as a part of Manipulate Festival. Shortly followed by Cloth in Bristol, on the 2nd of February.

Here is a review from last year’s performance in St Andrews to whet your appetite –

It is quite descriptive of the piece however, so if you prefer to be surprised, and see the performance with fresh eyes, save it for after the piece!


Tickets for the Manipulate performance online are sold out, there will however be a few tickets available on the day from 10am at the Traverse Theatre.

And, here is a taste of how performer Tiffany Soirat is feeling in the run up to the show..




Cloth Returns – Two upcoming performances

Cloth is back!

We’ll be performing Cloth in Edinburgh, at the Traverse Theatre, as part of the Manipulate Festival, on January 28th 2017. The event is free but ticketed, and part of the Snapshot series, ‘a series of free events providing a platform for artists to show their current creative explorations’.

A link to manipulate

A link to book tickets:

Online tickets are selling fast. Some tickets will also be available at the door.


And! For those of you a bit further south, we’ll be performing Cloth in Bristol, a few days later on the 2nd of February 2017, at the Tobacco Factory, as part of a double bill with another solo female performer, Olivia Faye Lathuillière from Sens Equivoc.

Details and tickets here, coming soon :


We’d like to thank Simon Hart, artistic director of Puppet Animation Scotland, for making these two performances possible, and for his ongoing support.


See some of you there!



About Eve Klein & Sons:

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, we are a 1-person physical theatre collective. Our shows aim to include movement, music, beauty, reality, poetry, magic…

We were born in early 2016 and have since created one show, Cloth, which was very well received and won the Edinburgh Student Art Festival’s Best Performance 2016 prize, sponsored by the Saltire Society. Cloth went on to be performed in St Andrews, Scotland in April 2016.

We are inspired by the beauty of everyday life, by moments of magic in the mundane, as well as the completely surreal and fantastical. So far in our work we’ve aimed to create magic in simplicity, and to invite the audience into an intimate world which is shared between them and the actor. We have also tried to find and create something raw, honest, and authentic.

Created, birthed, nursed by Tiffany Soirat

Beautiful pictures from Cloth in St Andrews


We performed a great show in St Andrews, Scotland, last Sunday, woohoo!  Thanks to On the Rocks Festival for hosting us, and for ESAF and Saltire for giving us the opportunity to perform there. And thanks to Rachel Stollery for her excellent lighting design and tech.

Cloth is now going to hibernate for some time, we may develop it and re-perform it later in the year.

For now, we’ll keep you posted on our new projects!




Photos by Ilaria Maresi, from Lightbox Creative

See the photos, and others from On the Rocks Student Arts Festival, on facebook:


‘Cloth’ is Eve Klein & Sons first solo piece.

Created in early 2016, and first performed within the Edinburgh Student Arts Festival 2016 on February 13th 2016.

‘Cloth’ won the  Edinburgh Student Arts Festival Best Performing Artist Award 2016, and as a prize will be performed Sunday 3rd of April in St Andrews, at the On the Rocks Festival.

A description of Cloth:

What happens in beds? ‘Cloth’ is an exploration of bed sheets and what they can suggest – childhood, dreams, intimacy, the human body, relationships…. A playful, intimate, honest, cozy half hour. A solo physical theatre piece devised and performed by Edinburgh-based one person theatre collective, Eve Klein & Sons.

What the ESAF Awards Panel had to say about Cloth:

This year’s recipient of the BEST PERFORMING ARTIST AWARD is the collective EVE KLEIN & SONS with their piece ‘CLOTH’. The panel found that this piece enquired into the conceptual transition between public and private worlds in a highly original and creative manner. It explored intimacy, relationships, innocence and the overarching complexity of the human condition through minimalistic, yet deeply symbolic, physical theatre conventions. The idiosyncratic world of the protagonist became something of a shared, communal experience for the audience. The narrative composition was elegant with well-executed transitions between each of the piece’s temporal parts.